I run an open-enrollment one-day class about once a month in addition to providing private instruction.

Practical Pistol Skill Builder Class

This one-day class teaches the core practical-shooting concepts and techniques you'll need to train productively and shoot faster and more accurately regardless of your application:

Many other skills like draws and reloads get addressed along the way. I've structured the class so that students at different skills levels can train together and built it around drills that you can easily set up in your own practice. I'm running it as a six-person class to give everyone plenty of trigger time and individual coaching tailored toward their present abilities and shooting goals. I meet each student where they are and give them the tools to progress. Round count is 300–400, but you'll have opportunities to shoot more if you like.

The format involves line drills (everyone stands on a line and shoots their targets simultaneously) in the morning that focus on vision, grip, trigger control, and short transitions/moves, then pairs drills (two shooters alternate runs while the rest of the students observe, load magazines, eat, etc.) in the afternoon for wide transitions, position exit/entry, throttle control, and shooting on the move. The class mixes dry-fire, partial-fire (only shoot some targets in a drill and dry-fire the others), and live-fire repetitions of drills to maximimize training efficiency, build honesty in dry fire, and improve understanding of the feedback loop between dry- and live-fire.

The class starts and ends with a 10-round skill assessment that captures the core concepts. The morning run lets me see your cold shooting and introduce the concepts we'll be training, then the afternoon one lets you try putting techniques learned during the day into practice.

For equipment, you'll want a pistol on which you can get a full firing grip (Glock 19 or larger), three or more magazines, a sturdy holster that allows for one-handed reholstering, at least one magazine pouch, and the usual accessories like eye and ear protection, hat, water, snacks, etc. You'll appreciate having an UpLULA for filling magazines. Bring any additional backstraps or grip inserts that come with your pistol.

Main skill prerequisite is understanding the four rules of gun safety, particularly muzzle awareness: you should naturally keep the pistol pointed downrange at all times, whether loading/unloading, drawing/reholstering, or performing other actions with the pistol. You should also understand the operation of your pistol and have the basic marksmanship stills to make easy shots (e.g, 8.5" x 11" paper at 7 yards).

Class home on PractiScore.

Private Instruction

I offer both half- and full-day private instruction tailored to individual skill levels and needs. A half day, meeting at SRGC on a weekday afternoon, works out well for many individual students. Pricing is the same for one or two students. Contact me for details.

Class Feedback

USPSA competitor:

"I think your course is a tremendous value and I enjoy your teaching methods and your never-ending learning and modification to your own techniques and curriculum."

Message from a competitor shooting USPSA Nationals:

"Bro I CRUSHED it today. Target focus WINS! You rock!"

LEO student:

"298/300 and 300/300 on my qual.
Thanks to you.

I was able to shoot fast as hell, but it was good to see I can use irons now. I had to tone it back on the 25 [yard line].

I was the first done on each stage.​"

PSTG Summit attendee (you"ll get all this in my one-day class):

"I also found the block that Andreas taught hugely helpful in a variety of ways.

I worked on his dry-fire/partial-fire/live-fire process a few times while at the summit during some free time, and I got several things out of it.

I found that it can act as a reality/integrity check on your dry fire. Comparing partial-fire times, with a full-live fire time, gave me a very accurate way to assess if I was being realistic in the dry-fire portions.

But I also found that it was a great diagnostic tool as well. If I found that the times were matching up well, and the full live-fire run targets were good/hits looked good - then it was time to start pushing the par time down, looking for ways to trim a little time. … Andreas"s block was very much a blue print for a very effective method to practice. I dig it."

New shooter:

"I really liked the small class size. For a student to get a solid 5 minutes of individual critique after a drill was awesome. I also liked the pace of the class - all direct instruction and drills, with minimal downtime. Excellent flexibility in accommodating and adjusting for my skill level."

Upcoming Classes

19 February 2023:Practical Pistol Skill Builder @ SRGC (Covington, GA)
31 Mar. to 2 Apr. 2023:PSTG Summit @ SRGC (Covington, GA)
TBA 2023:TBD new class @ SRGC (Covington, GA)

Last edit: 22 January 2023