I began competetive shooting with IDPA in 2000 and shot it for several years before dropping out due to hitting a plateau with my match results. I continued shooting pistols to stay proficient while learning carbine and long-range-rifle skills through a series of classes. A friend got me back into pistol competetion with Steel Challenge in 2011. I started USPSA two years later, initially classifying as A on my stand-and-shoot skills, but soon ran into the same plateau. I arranged for Ben Stoeger to teach a class at my home club in 2014, and he got my shooting and training sorted out real fast. I've continued hosting him every year since. My shooting progressed steadily, and I made GM in 2017. I'm continuing to improve my skills and match results through near-daily practice, participating in Practical Shooting Training Group, practicing with other good shooters, and getting instruction from guys like Ben, JJ Racaza, and the late Ron Avery.

Solid placement at multiple Georgia Championships and wins at Atlanta-area matches started getting me requests to teach, which I began doing in 2018. I primarily teach a one-day class focusing on core shooting skills but also do private classes tailored to individual needs. I continually update my classes based on my skill development, learning how to train more effectively, and student feedback.


Please see Training for class descriptions and schedule info.


I've put together a list of Resources including recommended books, podcasts, and vendors.


Red Dot Sight Observations

Dry Fire Skill Development

Last edit: 6 April 2021