My competetive shooting start came with IDPA in 2000, which I shot for several years before dropping out due to hitting a plateau. I continued shooting pistols on my own and learned carbine and long-range-rifle skills. A friend got me back into competetion with Steel Challenge in 2011. I started USPSA two years later, initially classifying as A on my stand-and-shoot skills, but soon ran into the same plateau. I arranged for Ben Stoeger to teach a class at my home club in 2014, and that got my shooting and training sorted out real fast. I've continued hosting him every year since. My shooting progressed steadily, and I made GM in 2017.

Solid placement at multiple Georgia Championships and local matches started getting me requests to teach, which I started doing in 2018. I primarily teach a one-day class focusing on core shooting skills but also do private classes tailored to individual needs. I continually update my classes based on learning how to train effectively and student feedback.


Please see Training for class descriptions and schedule info.


I've put together a list of Resources including recommended books, podcasts, and vendors.


Red Dot Sight Observations

Last edit: 31 January 2021