Practical Pistol Skill Builder

You'll learn the critical skills that deliver the biggest improvements in shooting results:

Other skills like draws and reloads are addressed along the way. The class is built around drills that you can easily set up in your own practice. I've been running this as a six-person class to give everyone plenty of trigger time and individual coaching tailored toward their present abilities and shooting goals. Typical round count is about 300.

This class focuses on raw shooting skills and is ideal for both competition- and tactical-minded shooters.

The format involves line drills (everyone stands on a line, shooting their targets simultaneously) in the morning that focus on vision, grip, trigger control, and short transitions/moves followed by pairs drills (two shooters alternate runs while the rest of the students observe, load magazines, eat, etc.) in the afternoon for wide transitions, position exit/entry, and shooting on the move. The class incorporates dry-fire repetitions before and between live-fire runs to improve everyone's understanding of the feedback loop between dry- and live-fire and self-diagnostic ability.

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Upcoming classes

21-Feb-2020:Practical Pistol Skill Builder @ SRGC

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