Practical Pistol Skill Builder

You'll learn the critical skills that deliver the biggest improvements in shooting results:

Other skills like draws and reloads are addressed along the way. You'll shoot drills that you can easily set up in your own practice and receive a high degree of individual coaching tailored toward your present abilities and shooting goals.

This class focuses on raw shooting skills and is ideal for both competition- and tactical-minded shooters.

I've been running this as a six-person class so that everyone gets plenty of individualized coaching and trigger time. The format involves line drills in the morning that focus on grip, trigger control, and short transitions/moves, then working pairs drills in the afternoon for wide transitions, position exit/entry, and shooting on the move.

Class home on PractiScore.

Upcoming classes:

16-Aug-2020:Practical Pistol Skill Builder @ SRGC (full)
13-Sep-2020:Practical Pistol Skill Builder @ SRGC (open)

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Last edit: 5 September 2020