Twilight over the Pacific Ocean.

Jennifer looking out over the Russian River.

Rocks and surf in the Pacific Ocean.

Clouds illuminated by the setting sun.

Twilight clouds over Buzzard's Bay.

Two owls on a TGV watching the scenery fly by at 300 km/h.

Left to right: Jason, Ina, Jennifer, and Andreas after an afternoon in Cemetery Cave.

Some of the stained glass windows inside Saint Chappel.

The Eiffel Tower at twilight.

The Eiffel Tower at night.

Downstream view of the Seine at night from the second observation deck of the Eiffel Tower.

The double-helix staircase in the center of Château de Chambord.

Château de Chambord from across the rear moat.

Jorge and Kai waiting to climb out of Valhalla Cave.

The start of the James E. Edmonds Backcountry Trail.

Eero Saarinen's arch by the waterfront.

Sunset from Mohave Point on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

Bryce Canyon from Sunset Point.

Close-up of a spider.

A large butterfly sculpture in the children's gardens.

Near-infra-red photo looking down the rows of grapes.

Sunset on the Pacific Coast.

Silvia about to pull up into a vertical crack above a small overhang.

An Asian Small-Clawed Otter surveying its fan club.

Close-up of one of the butterflies.

A head-on look at a butterfly.

Close-up of a Solitary Clematis.

The North Pole, an epsomite formation in Ellison's Cave.

Near-infra-red photo looking across the cemetery.

Cranes silhouetted against the sunrise.

Seawater blowing up through The Spout.

A school of blue fish.

A silver fish swimming toward the camera.

Brightly colored algae around The Spout.

A construction crane silhouetted against the dusk clouds.

A millipede crossing the trail.

Close-up of a vinca major.

Left to right: Jennifer and Andrea repenting.

The Eiffel Tower at night.

The Eiffel Tower and a cherub from one of the museum windows.

A statue of François-Vincent Raspail's wife reaching into his mausoleum.

Andreas holding a very large stirrer.

One of the stained glass windows in Église Saint-Eustache.

Left to right: Lee, Jennifer, and Andrea in the courtyard of Notre Dame.

Looking across the main dome of the Panthéon from one of the balconies.

Low clouds covering the valley floor.

A hummingbird hawk-moth feeding on some flowers.

The back of Notre-Dame de Paris at twilight.

Zion Canyon in near infra red.

Sunlight illuminating the walls of the canyon.

A male blue dasher resting on a seed pod.

A female blue dasher perched on the tip of a broken-off twig.

Sunset from our apartment.

Water shooting up through a hole in the coastline.

Near-infra-red photo of the shoreline.

A light green orchid blossom.

Balconies on the Spire building.

A streetlamp with the Spire in the background.

A drop of water on the tip of an orchid.

Sunset over the mountains.

Left to right: Chris and Klar hiking to the sótano.

Crepuscular rays streaming from the sótano entrance.

Near-infra-red photo of a tower in the jungle.

Left to right: Jennifer and Ina strike a pose with McLemore Cove in the background.

A female eastern pondhawk snacking on a bee.

The setting sun reflecting off the Promenade II.

A male ebony jewelwing prepping for takeoff.

A portrait of Jennifer during lunch.

Ina peering through a hole in a tree.

A burst of water shooting up into the air.

The propeller from an F4U Corsair.

Photography in the southwest is all about reflected light.

A sunbeam cascading into the canyon.

One of the more amazing views on the planet.

Jennifer relaxing among some cottonwood trees.

An illuminated path through the canyon.

Sunset against the top of the canyon walls.

A trio of fire pink flowers.

A cicada hanging out on the walkway.

A female wandering glider.

The view from behind the waterfall.

Looking out over Skaftafellsjökull during the hike.

The aurora borealis lighting up the sky.

A blue-eyed grass flower.

The base of the main drop of Dynjandi.

A lotus flower in the pool in front of the conservatory.

The view from Pont Alexandre III at dawn.

Jennifer partway up Beinn a'Chrulaiste with Lairig Gartain in the background.

A Highland cow.