Jennifer with our luggage for two weeks in Iceland.

Gourmet whale meat patties ready for the grill.

Water rushing into a rocky pool.

Surf pouring through a narrow opening.

A rocky stretch of Icelandic coastline.

Rocks on the shoreline.

Bird cliffs on the southwest corner of Iceland.

Jennifer lost in the mist of the geothermal vents.

Columns of ATVs ready to go.

Jennifer on a bridge between the European and North American continental plates.

Snow on the rocky shore.

Jennifer at the beach.

Looking along the coastline.

Snow-covered lava rock on the coast.

Jennifer out for a stroll on the beach.

A sulfur-encrusted geothermal vent.

Two owls shivering by a frozen lake.

An oddly shaped rock by the shore of the lake.

A tilted piece of ice by the shore.

A colorful mountainside.

Jennifer during a break in the day's hiking.

Jennifer hiking up out of a valley.

Keilir off in the distance.

Jennifer and Andreas with Keilir in the background.

Peppered whale with a side of leeks, sweet potatoes, and rice.

Jennifer on a hike to the base of Keilir.

A vertical chunk of hardened lava among the moss and snow.

A section of the Hrafn Sveinbjarnarson III, a fishing boat from which all the crew were rescued after it became stranded.

An ice stalagmite.

A tiny ice column.

A textured patch of ice.

Looking down the main drop of Gullfoss.

Heading into the highlands.

Looking out across the highlands.

Getting out and wandering around during our highland drive.

Jennifer opening the front door to our cabin in the highlands.

Close-up of water vapor escaping Öskurhóll.

Churning in one of the thermal pools.

Cute owls by a calm thermal pool.

Jennifer coming up out of the main cabin.

A delicious breakfast of home-made cured meats and cheeses.

Part of the 3 MW power station.

Mist escaping from the ground obscuring the volcanic landscape.

Looking across the volcanic landscape.

A hillside covered in geothermal vents.

Jennifer out hiking on a beautifully clear day.

Brilliant colors and mist over the volcanic hillside.

Clouds of water vapor rising from a field of geothermal plants.

Jennifer warming up by a geothermal vent.

Jennifer hiking up the cinder cone.

Jennifer walking around the rim of the volcano.

The interior of the cinder cone.

A brightly colored apartment building.

Owls in the clutches of a shark.

Street art in downtown Akureyi.

A two-headed sheep sculpture.

The Hannes Boy restaurant and Kaffi Rauðka coffee house.

A Toyota super jeep.

A mountain in the evening sun.

The top of a mountain catching the evening rays of sun.

An aurora streaking up from behind a snow-capped mountain.

An aurora low over the horizon.

A colorful aurora arcing across the sky.

Hverfjall crater from across Lake Mývatn.

Jennifer by a weathered hole in the rock.

A Snow Trac passenger cabin variant.

New apartments above the city.

Jennifer at a picnic table.

An old footbridge.

A vehicle for Icelandic adventures.

Used books for sale at Fróði.

Morning fog over a river.