Backlit daylilies.

Stained glass in the auditorium.

The church interior from the balcony.

Sad faces on one side of the entrance.

Happy faces on the other side of the entrance.

A brass eagle inlaid into the marble floor.

Stained glass high above the sanctuary.

Stained glass listing the names and showing the profession of congregation members when the church was constructed.

Intricate wood carvings below the decorative organ pipes.

The large stained-glass window at the back of the sanctuary.

Jennifer checking out the interior of the church.

Looking toward the altar.

Part of the stained-glass window in the library.

Quite an appropriate grill cover for a fire rescue vehicle.

The breakfast area at our B&B.

Looking into the living room.

A spider coming out from his home under a shingel to say hello.