The house from the street.

Approaching the entrance to the house.

A look into the dining room.

Looking into the living room.

Stepping out onto the patio.

Looking across the living room back toward the kitchen and dining rooms.

The master bedroom.

One of the guest bedrooms.

Artwork on one of the landings.

A piece of driftwood in the kitchen.

A car getting consumed by kudzu.

The house from partway up the driveway.

A water feature in the back patio.

Patio chairs on the roof.

A Big Ass Fan on the patio.

The dining area and kitchen.

Keeping an eye on the game while in the bathroom.

A collection of artwork.

A metal poster bed in the master bedroom.

THis house wasn't on the tour.

Not obvious from the street was that this house has four floors plus a basement.

A sculpture made from motorcycle parts.

An owl hanging out on one of the balconies.

Peering down off one of the balconies.

One of the guest bedrooms.

A sculpture made from sprinklers.

A backlit red umbrella.

A container of limes.

Looking closely at a painting.

A section of the living room.

This would have been a fun home to tour.

One of the guest bedrooms.

Inside the well-lit kitchen.

A living room off the kitchen.

A flower box by the entrance.

Stepping into the living room.

Tour goers gathered in the kitchen.

Descending toward party central.

A very funky dining area.

Cool furniture in the living room.

What a fantastic bathroom!

Looking into the master suite.

Overlooking the main patio from the one off the master suite.

This door knob reminded me of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here".

One of the guest bedrooms.

No home is complete without an indoor pistol range.

The furniture and bar area in the TV room.

A fun light in the TV room.

Part of the wine cellar.

A closer look at the chandelier in the dining room as it pulsates with varying colors.

An owl getting ready to disco on the kitchen counter.

Peering into the living room.

The kitchen.

The dining area off the kitchen.

The stairs leading to the downstairs.