Angel rallying the chilly troops.

The midtown skyline.

Street art under Park Dr.

Street art and living arrangements under Piedmont Ave.

A sculpture along the BeltLine.

Looking up through the sculpture.

Walking along abandoned railroad tracks.

Snacking on redbud blossoms.

Coming out from under I-75.

Dropping down from the Norfolk Southern to the CSX railway.

Rail lines leading off into the distance.

Looking up at the Norfolk Southern bridge.

Making a quick crossing over the Tanyard Creek bridge.

Street art under I-75.

A storage lot for heavy equipment.

Walking by Bulk Chemical Services.

Jennifer standing in front of a parked CSX locomotive.

Scrambling up to West Marietta St.

A dilapidated building.

Passing by an abandoned building.

This house has seen better days.

Midtown and Downtown from the BeltWay.

This looks like the start of a horror movie.

We did find the kitchen sink back here.

Emerging from the woods.

Abandoned apartment buildings.

This was quite a screened porch at one point.

This was a very pleasant section of the BeltLine to hike.

The makings of a community garden.

A mosiac on the Lucile Ave. bridge.

The Lucile Ave. bridge.

People asked if we were staging a sit-in.

I'm thinking that this has something to do with the BP oil geyser in the Gulf.

Czarnowski doesn't want people trespassing.

Illegally dumped tires awaiting proper disposal.

The pixelated entrance to Adair Park.

Jenny with camera and liquid refreshment.

Continuing along a smooth stretch of the BeltLine.

Jennifer walking carefully across the bridge.

A former an industrial trucking site.

A mural by the Mad Society Kings graffiti crew.

An owl under the downtown connector.

Approaching the McDonough St. tunnel.

Looking through the McDonough St. tunnel.

You could get tetanus by looking at this building too long.

An electrical substation.

Taking a break under the Berne St. bridge.

The Second Floor Tree Top Loft.

It was a perfect afternoon for bullwhip practice and walking around with a shiny 1911.

A loft along the BeltLine.

A fine-looking owl.

Something's going on at the Masquarade tonight.

Jennifer on the home stretch.

A bunch of sore feet.