Leaving a paved section of the trail.

Checking out the demolished dam by the Decatur Waterworks.

Looking down on Burnt Fork Creek.

Old pipes and masonry.

Dropping down from the train tracks onto Claimont Dr.

Harman Cemetery, which was established in 1826.

The graves of Dr. Champmon and Elizabeth Hardman Powell.

Crossing Lullwater Bridge.

A very tall post oak tree.

An abandoned bridge over South Fork Peachtree Creek.

A pair of abandoned cisterns.

A spring that used to supply water to the Harris Estate (now the Houston Mill House).

An abandoned hydroelectric system.

Making our way along South Fork Peachtree Creek.

Conjoined beech and oak trees.

Crossing South Fork Peachtree Creek by Briarcliff Rd.

A garden in someone's back yard.

A bridge over the South Fork Peachtree Creek.

An underground skate park.

Who's lazy?

South Fork Peachtree Creek isn't looking to pretty here.

Walking under the interstate.

Graffiti of a robot on a train bridge.

The opossum ended up on the loosing end.