Approaching the house from the street.

Left to right: Jennifer, Andrea, and Lee checking out the main room and yard.

Jennifer by a second-floor opening to the main room.

Right to left: Jennifer, Andrea, Lee, and two other folks in the kitchen.

Sun shining through the front door.

The temporary mailbox post.

A house under construction.

A large outdoor ceiling fan.

Left to right: Andrea, Lee, and Jennifer looking through brochures in the kitchen.

An owl-sized house.

A pair of houses made from shipping containers.

Lee in the office.

Peeking into the bathroom.

One of the bedrooms.

Looking up the steps to the second and third floors.

A reading room.

The second-floor bedroom.

A day bed.

Left to right: Jennifer and Lee in the living room.

Right to left: Lee and some other folks in the kitchen/dining area.

A bathroom sink and mirror.

Left to right: Jennifer, Lee, Andrea, and many others in the third floor.

This one didn't make the tour.

Walking in from the street.

The courtyard behind the house.

The living room.

The top of the spiral staircase.

The master bathroom.

Looking down into the courtyard.

A tour goer in the kitchen.

The front of the house.

A docent welcoming a tour goer into the living room.

The family room.

A patio off the family room.

The master bathroom.

Looking out over some window boxes.

Left to right: Jennifer and Andrea at the end of a hall.

The living area of the in-law suite.

A courtyard behind the house.

A collection of shoes by the entrance.

The house from the street.

An office by the entrance.

Glass decorations.

An owl on the rooftop patio.

Looking from the living room into the kitchen.

An owl kicking back on a Le Corbusier chaise lounge.

Rotating doors leading out to the courtyard.

Lights hanging over the dining table.

Andrea waiting in the lobby.

The living room.

The island kitchen.

The TV area.

The sitting area in the master suite.

Lee in the master bedroom.

The dining room with Eiffel chairs.

The living room looking out over Atlanta.

Looking down the kitchen.

Owl drink service.

The house from the street.

The dining, kitchen, and living area.

The living room.

The tour wouldn't be complete without at least one chaise lounge.

Lee in the kitchen.

The upstairs patio.

The house from the backyard.