Our condo in the snow.

Looking down the icy hill toward our condo.

A brave soul scraping off his car.

A snow-covered house.

I-75 is normally a parking lot this time of day.

Not much happening on I-85.

A lone car out on Peachtree St.

A row of townhouses under construction.

Tanyard Creek and an egret.

A train parked on the railroad bridge.

A hole in the snow on a railing.

Jennifer wearing a coat of ice.

Snow-covered steps leading out of the park.

Two owls venturing out onto thin ice.

Tanyard Creek partially covered in ice.

The underside of a footbridge.

Jennifer all bundled up.

A demonstration of the depth of the snow.

Ice pulling away from a leaf after taking its shape.

Jennifer sledding down a sloped parking lot.

Icicles hanging down from a roof.

A hawk perched in a tree.