Front view of an SR-71.

Jennifer under the wing of an SR-71.

Rows and rows of F-16s in storage.

A field of A-10 wings.

Air-launched cruise missile (ALCM) launchers for B-52s.

A Blue Angels F-18.

An F-117 stealth airplane on display.

A parked A-10 with drop tanks.

A collection of F-4s, many of which are getting converted into remotely polited drones.

A row of A-10s awaiting repair after action in the Middle East.

A row of B-1 supersonic bombers.

Jennifer with a MiG-29 Fulcrum A.

Looking up into one of the bomb bays of a B-52

The three pusher props on a Corvair B-36J Peacemaker.

The radar bombardier who flew on the last combat mission over Japan.

A barred owl grooming itself.

Oxalis leaves get a lot bigger out west.

Jennifer working her way up the Miller Canyon Trail.

A columbine in bloom.

A small butterfly gathering lunch.

Someone hauled a bathtub all the way up to the spring in this pass.

The Crest Trail as it cuts through an aspen grove.

A backlit columbine.

Two owls at the top of Miller Peak, the highest point in the Huachucas.

We had two sick owls on our hands shortly after this picture was taken.

A section of the Crest Trail.

A storm in the distance.

A female bluet damselfly.

A male cruiser dragonfly of some sort.

A colorful lizard.

A colorful butterfly.

Looking up the Hamburg Trail.

The blue sky reflected in the creek.

A couple of red flowers.

A brightly colored beetle.

Huachuca City's very own vampire bar.

Andreas trying out a set of bat ears.

A black bear getting pestered by flies.

A sad looking screech owl.

A bobcat.

An elf owl with one eye open.

A group of frogs lounging at the water's edge.

An iguana wandering around outside the cages.

A wading bird with a long beak.

An otter rolling around in the sun.

A small blue bird.

A humingbird perching on the end of a twig.

A burrow owl standing on one leg.

A trainer holding a falcon.

A parrot taking flight.

A trainer holding an owl.

Sunset from the back patio of the museum.