Clouds reflecting off a polished metal sculpture.

A steel statue of king Lear.

A sideways-suspended man.

An owl and a waiter listening in on the conversation between two cafe guests.

Three baby peacocks nestled up by mom.

Details from a metal sculpture.

Shadows playing on the face of the carving.

A woman catching some shade under her parasol.

A couple chatting by the edge of the pond.

A couple giving each other a big hug.

A woman checking out the water in the pond.

A group of picnickers.

A close-up of a metal sculpture.

A head rising out of the mist.

Folks partying in a cafe.

A woman taking a shower.

A footbridge across the pond.

A high-tech model.

A Middle-East themed room.

A woman and her son on a field of poppies.

A man dreaming while taking an afternoon nap.

An angular metal sculpture.

One of the sculpture's legs.

Left to right: George and Andreas waiting in line.

A jungle princess reclining on a sofa.

A woman playing a vuvuzela.

The head of a horse statue.

A statue of a horse.

A peacock showing its stuff.