A view from near the top of The Mansion.

The house from the top of the driveway.

The house number at the front door.

A section of the patio on the main level.

Umbrellas catching the sun on the upstairs patio.

A row of pendant lights with an manual espresso machine in the background.

A Le Corbusier chaise lounge with reading material.

A hot tub overlooking Lake Lanier.

Approaching the house along the driveway.

The dining room.

The breakfast area and family room.

The living room.

Looking down into the living room from the top of the stairs.

A reproduction of Tamara de Lempicka's "Portrait of Madame M."

Curtains steaming down to the floor.

The kitchen.

The understated front of the house.

The studio.

An owl with three friends.

The living room.

The breakfast room.

The master bathroom.

The dining room.

The entrance hallway.

A small creek and bridge in the backyard.

The house from the driveway.

A horse lamp in the dining room.

The living room from the edge of the kitchen.

The rear patio and swimming pool.

A tour goer leaving the house.

Left to right: the architect, Lee, Andrea, and a tour goer in the kitchen.

Andrea climbing the steps to the bedroom.

Left to right: Andrea and Jennifer in the bedroom.

The rooftop patio.

The front of the house.

A purple cone flower in the garden.

The dining room off the kitchen.

An upstairs guest bedroom.

A day bed off the courtyard.

An owl among the stemware.

The mail box with Jennifer, Andrea, and Lee in the background.

A slide-out electric range.

A docent talking with a tour goer in the living room.

A Chinese-style bed.

A pool table and some unique lights in the rec room.

A rustic office.

Jennifer trying out an Eames RAR rocking chair.

The master bedroom.

The door leading to the back yard.

Lee at the front door.

The living room.

The bedroom with a Heywood-Wakefield bed and chest.

The home office.

A baby grand piano in the living room.

Paisley wall paper on the ceiling of the dining room.

Left to right: Jennifer, Lee, and Andrea checking out photos of the house.

The pool house.

The house from the back yard.

The entrance ramp to the house.

The kitchen.

Looking down into the living room.

The home office area.

One of the guest bedrooms.

Lee in the master bedroom.

Another look at the home office.

The dining area and family room.

Tour goers taking off their shoes to enter the house.

The living room and kitchen.

One of the guest bedrooms.

The master bedroom.

A sizable collection of shoes.