Let's go hiking!

A Catseby's trillium in bloom.

The white flowers that give Solomon's plume its name.

Two flower stalks popping up in a patch of galax.

Brightly colored flowers on a native azalea.

The flowers of a mountain laurel opening up.

A collection of silverbell flowers.

The large flower of a Vasey's trillium.

The trail cutting through a field of ferns.

A spiderwort in bloom.

A trio of aster flowers.

Georgia's state flower: the Cherokee rose.

Moss growing along the side of the trail.

One of the many waterfalls along the trail.

A rhododendron in front of a waterfall.

Flowers hanging down on a Solomon's seal.

Lots of trees were lying down across the trail.

A bright Catseby's trillium.

Left to right: Ina and Jennifer on one of the uphill stretches.