A view into the canyon.

Vegetation left behind by a flood.

Sunlight reflecting off the sandstone walls of the canyon.

The path leading into the canyon.

Weathered sandstone catching the sun.

Textures carved by the rain.

Sandstone weathered to look like a Greek god.

Photography in the southwest is all about reflected light.

Sunlight illuminating upper portions of the canyon.

Sand pouring off a shelf.

A sunbeam cascading into the canyon.

Jennifer modeling.

Andreas comparing his hand with a dinosaur's footprint.

One of the more amazing views on the planet.

Looking up the Colorado River from the end of Cathedral Wash.

Jennifer relaxing along the Colorado River.

Jennifer hiking out of the canyon.

Jennifer walking across an alien landscape.

Two owls posing by a hoodoo.

A lone wildflower among the hoodoos.

Jennifer on the sandstone outcrop behind the arch.

A rear view of the arch.

A wildly colored piece of sandstone.

Hikers descending into Egypt.

Sunlight bouncing off the water and illuminating a sandstone wall.

A climber doing a pull-down rappel.

Jennifer relaxing among some cottonwood trees.

Jennifer on the final stretch of the hike out of Egypt.

A slice through a petrified tree trunk.

An owl sitting in the middle of a dinosaur track.

Jennifer on the hunt for dinosaur tracks.

Dinosaur tracks, complete with dragging tail.

Moonrise over the park.

Andreas hanging out in the canyon.

An illuminated path through the canyon.

Jennifer about to enter Dry Fork Narrows.

The creek twisting across the canyon floor.

Hikers taking a very chilly swim.

An Anastazi grain storage shed high on the canyon walls.

Pictographs left by the Anastazi.

Two owls standing in the window of the storage section of a replica pueblo.

Part of a dead tree lying at the foot of the mesa.

Sunset against the top of the canyon walls.

Jennifer swimming across one of the many pools.

A hiker coming upstream.

A small waterfall on the way to the Subway.

Water cascading down layers of sandstone steps.

Jennifer standing behind a waterfall.

Light shining in from around the bend.

The entrance to the tunnel.

Water flowing down a crack in the riverbed.

A dinosaur track preserved in the rock.

An owl catching a game of Hoot Loot while waiting in the terminal.