A look at the screened porch from the outside.

Left to right: Andrea and Jennifer in the living room.

Left to right: Andrea and Jennifer in the office area overlooking the living room.

A fellow explaining how the rainwater filtration and cistern system works.

Getting a refill on coffee before continuing the tour.

A small horse statue in the elevator lobby.

The usual pile of shoes at the entrance to the residence.

One of the guest bedrooms.

Left to right: Jennifer and Andrea checking out the Atlanta skyline.

A fingerprint scanner for keeping out riff-raff.

A staircase in the lobby area of the hotel.

Jennifer trying out one of the chairs in the lobby.

The light fixture hanging in the foyer.

Fun with angled mirrors.

A peek into the well-stocked wine cellar.

Left to right: Andrea and Jennifer contemplating the lap pool.

A waterfall feeding the lap pool.

The office area and media room.

The living room and doors to the patio.

It's a long way to the end of the lap pool.

Left to right: Andrea and Jennifer leaving the house.

A fellow staying dry under an overhand.

Jennifer staying dry in her new waterproof jacket.

Jennifer in the upstairs hallway.

The owner/architect texting someone between visitors.

Left to right: Jennifer and Andrea moving on to the next house.

Left to right: Andrea and Jennifer at the front door.

An owl relaxing on a Womb Chair.

Left to right: Andrea and Jennifer checking out the master bedroom.

The house number on the fence.

The living room and kitchen.

Another perspective on the living room and stairs leading to the second floor.

Jennifer's feet.

A water supply line and valves.

Jennifer on the balcony off the kitchen.

The house from the street.

Jennifer by a water feature.

A conversation area off the living room.

A light fixture above the bar.

A long, yellow sofa in the living room.

Looking down into the dining area and kitchen from the second floor.

A multitude of self portraits.

The sink in the master bathroom.

The architect (right) explaining how the TVs are wired.

A reading nook with a Bertoia Diamond chair by Knoll.

Tourgoers trying out the hanging chairs.

The upstairs movie room.

The house from the top of the driveway.

Slippers by a side door.

Jennifer heading up the stairs of the addition.

People milling around the living room.

Jennifer on one of the landings.

The rooftop patio with a view of downtown Atlanta.

Jennifer descending the stairs.

Artwork and a fireplace in the sitting room.