The James cabin by Ramsey Creek.

The roof of the James house.

A woodpecker outside its hole in a tree.

An owl at the overlook to Ramsey Canyon.

A lizard warming up in the sun.

An insect swimming around underwater.

The insect version of the CSS Virginia.

A male red rock skimmer.

A small waterfall along Ramsey Creek.

A butterfly feeding on some wildflowers.

A wasp eating the head of an unlucky insect.

A typical section of the Hamburg Trail.

An owl at Fort Huachuca Gate 2.

An owl making friends with a horned toad.

Andreas at the top of Pat Scott Peak.

A woodpecker digging in a tree for food.

A deer walking down the side of the canyon.

A captive-born barn owl.

A kestrel perched on a glove.

A merged stalactite and stalagmite in the museum's artificial cave.

A Mexican wolf waking from a nap.

A squirrel eating a cactus fruit.

A pair of owls.

A burrow owl giving the photographer a look.

A very well fed prairie dog.

The flower on a prickly pear cactus.

A woodpecker looking for lunch in one of the museum's trees.

A cowhorn agave reaching for the sky.

A grey fox curling up on its blanket.

A collection of brilliant blue flowers.

An otter swimming around in her tank.

A river otter eyeing the photographer.

A parrot eyeing lunch.

A butterfly feeding on some fleabane.

A Mexican primrose.

The bloom of a baja fairyduster.

A hummingbird flying upside-down.

A hummingbird coming in for a landing.

A hummingbird perching on a branch.

A hummingbird hovering above a feeder.