Looking down on a wild geranium.

A nodding trillium starting to open.

A hollowed-out log serving as a culvert.

A show orchid in its prime.

A self-similar plant.

Water beading on a dwarf wild iris.

Bellwort starting to open.

Jennifer in her rain gear.

Ina in the fog near the top of Blood Mountain.

Jennifer on the home stretch to the top of Blood Mountain.

Fog rolling across the Blood Mountain Wilderness.

A lousewort plant.

A yellow trillium after a rain shower.

A field of large-flowered trilliums.

False hellebore pushing its way through leaves.

Left to right: Ina and Jennifer among some tall trees.

Two owls perched in a tree.

A couple of silverbell blossoms.

A pair of pink lady's slippers.

A look at Jack in the pulpit.

A nodding mandarin.

Close-up of a fern.

The flowers from an umbrella plant.