A fly crawling around on a chickweed flower.

Blossoms hanging down on a Solomon's seal.

Jack preaching from the pulpit.

The top of a foam flower.

A large-flowered trillium.

A backlit nodding trillium.

A bee digging around in a blue violet.

A mayapple lifting a snail shell and a spider up into the air.

Backlit leaves against the blue sky.

A trillium growing in the trunk of a fallen tree.

A pair of showy orchid blossoms.

A fern in the process of unfolding.

A yellow lady's slipper.

A true forget-me-not.

A yellow lady's slipper starting to open.

Jennifer with a tri-grip.

Two owls by a yellow lady's slipper.

Side view of a dwarf wild iris.

A backlit pink lady's slipper.