A glass cephalapod.

A butterfly leading the annual Inman Park Festival parade.

The start of the Seed and Feed Marching Abominable.

One of the Marching Abominable.

The honorable John Lewis.

An ent from Trees Atlanta.

Planned Parenthood, teaching about the birds and the bees.

Say, that's a nice bike.

Darth Vader's bicycle.

An awfully shiny bicycle.

A bike for riding long distances.

Colorful balloons and a matching outfit.

Everybody loves penguins.

A hoarde of Marching Abominables in training.

Future Abominables everywhere!

Folks from the Decatur Farmers Market.

The most photographed person in the parade.

A kung-fu fighter controlling the crowd.

The head of a fearsome Chinese dragon.

A pair of Chinese southern belles.

A gnome riding a very tall bike.

Gnomes are peaceful creatures.

I think he saw my D700.

A lady with fruit on her head.

An upside-down canoe and a wheelie-popping lawn tractor.

A fellow doing tricks with a shiny metal globe.

A lady of leisure.

A monster form the Silver Screen Spook Show.

Not sure how he could see where he was going.

Watch out for the scooters!

Fun tricks on a scooter.

A Thunderbird from back when they were desirable vehicles.

A lady riding a white swan.

The Bridesmaid Brigade wearing their dresses for the second time.

A Corbin Sparrow.

The men from the north.

A Viking with his liquid refreshment.

The crowd stretching off into the distance.

An impressive display of flexibiity.

A lady doing dangerous tricks in the air.

A Marching Abominable strutting his stuff.

One of the majorettes getting down.

Jennifer watching the Marching Abominables.