A scorpion fluorescing under ultraviolet light.

Dragonflies feeding on the bumper crop of mosquitos from the recent rains.

The hanging light fixture on our porch.

A lady of leisure kicking back in a tree.

Jennifer standing on a sea arch.

A rusty barrel and other washed-up garbage in one of Curaçao's bays.

A Turk's cap cactus on the edge of a cliff.

A whiptail lizard sunning itself on a rock.

Jennifer emerging from the earth.

Flying a kite above a house.

A cross on one of the sarcophagi.

Jupiter and Venus in conjunction over a waxing moon.

A lizard climbing up the edge of a pane of glass.

A small car with Mount Christoffel in the background.

Two owls on the beach.

A burst of water shooting up into the air.

Seawater pouring back into the pistol for another shot.

A curious lizard exploring my backpack.

The owls making friends with one of the locals.

An iguana seen while out for a stroll.

Jennifer descending steps built into the cliffside.

Jennifer standing on top of a sea arch.

Jennifer sitting in a natural niche.

A group of tourists watching the surf.

Andreas riding an iguana bareback.

Three covered picnic benches.

Jennifer at the trailhead of the hike to the highest point in Curaçao.

Jennifer ascending a typical section of trail.

Left to right: Andreas and Jennifer at the top of Mount Christoffel.

Andreas with the eastern half of Curaçao in the background.

Jennifer on her way down from the summit.

Jennifer standing in the doorway of a ruined plantation house.

An iguana surveying the neighborhood from a tree by the side of the road.

Looking up through a cave skylight.

Jennifer standing in a cave entrance.

One of the iguanas in the tree behind our apartment.

A typical sunset from our apartment.

A bunch of minnows swimming around a ship.

Soft coral waving in the surf.

A sea urchin living on a discarded mooring line.

Sunrise near the western tip of the island.

Looking outside from the top floor of the museum.

Jennifer with a collection of African drums and other artifacts.

A carved stone head.

A group of flamingos looking around.

A tourist photographing the flamingos.

Two owls perched on a piece of driftwood.

Andreas and Jennifer's sculpture masterpiece.

Seawater shooting up through a hole in the coastline.

A rusting piece of heavy machine, complete with whiptail lizard.

The last bit of sun slipping under the horizon.

A self portrait in the mist.

Jennifer checking out where the rainbow leads.

Water blasting out of a hole in the shoreline.