The front of the cafe.

The sun lighting up a bottle set in the wall.

A wildly shaped Joshua tree alongside a road.

A field of joshua trees stretching off into the distance.

Jennifer catching some wind at the top of a ridge.

A backlit portrait of Jennifer and two owls.

A skeletal cactus.

A rock in the shape of a man's head.

Vertical rock strata visible along a ridgeline.

A rabbit hiding behind a rock.

A stone archway.

A rock in the shape of a cow.

The moon rising behind a rock outcropping.

A climber free soloing up a route.

An world-traveler owl overhead pressing a large rock.

Jennifer waiting the car for the slow hiker.

A Joshua tree at twilight.

The silhouette of a Joshua tree at twilight.

The aptly named Skull Rock.

The shadows of a pair of aliens.

A backlit cactus along the side of the trail.

A balanced rock out in the desert.

A scraggly plant growing out of a crack in a rock.

A very well camouflaged grasshopper.

Andreas standing at the edge of a rock outcropping.

Jennifer relaxing by a steep dropoff.

A small lizard hiding under a bush.

A precariously balanced rock above the Barker Dam trail.

A climber belaying his second up a route.

Looking at the moon through a stone arch.

Andreas climbing up on top of the arch.

Moonrise by a rock outcropping.

Clouds lighting up at twilight.

Clouds opposite the sun lit up at twilight.

Taking a portrait with the sunset as a backdrop.

A large, round boulder pinned in place.

The first rays of sun catching the top of a rock outcropping.

Jennifer lying down in an eroded granite archway.

A field of windmills near Palm Springs.

A typical section of the trail leading up Ryan Mountain.

The Great Burrito from afar.

A climber standing at the top of a wall while another pair makes their way up it.

Jennifer pinching her nose as she enters one of the park's composting toilet.

Jennifer kicking back in the living room.

Jennifer climbing the stairs to the top floor of the house.

Jennifer watching the sun set from the top floor.

The staircase leading to the second floor seen from the garden.

A house against the twilight sky.

The fireplace in one of the studios.

One of the studios with some original furniture.