SCAD's spider scarecrow.

Atlanta Parent Magazine's mummy.

The Southeastern Horticultural Society's gardening scarecrow.

A scarecrow made from non-decomposing waste.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the scariest scarecrows in the garden.

A scarecrow urging visitors to conserve water.

Scarecrows working on the Piedmont Park parking deck.

Munch's "The Scream" as a scarecrow.

Plastic and aluminum cans taking human form.

A pot-headed scarecrow.

A giant crow carying away a helpless scarecrow.

An artistic scarecrow at work.

A bewitching scarecrow.

A trio of baby crows.

A cat-bride scarecrow.

The Georgia EPD's bluegill scarecrow.

A garden-tool scarecrow.

A glamourous construction worker scarecrow.

Two owls playing table tennis with a scarecrow.

A scarecrow made from rusty metal parts.

The Cook's Warehouse's chef scarecrow.

Jennifer standing by the Chiluly fountain.

A samauri scarecrow.

A mummy scarecrow kicking back in a fancy chair.