A Stearman heading into a hammerhead turn.

Jennifer attempting to talk on her cell phone with airplanes flying overhead.

An F-15E through heavy mirage.

An F-15E pulling vertical with afterburners.

A crowd of people walking through a C-5.

The open nose section of a C-5.

Jennifer standing under the outboard engine of a C-5.

An F-18 coming in for a touch-and-go with Cobb Parkway in the background.

An F-18 lights its afterburners after making a touch-and-go landing.

John Klatt descending in a corkscrew.

John Klatt in a flat spin.

A close-up of John Klatt in a flat spin.

John Klatt making a low pass over the runway.

The Red Eagles making a synchronized turn.

An F-22 with afterburners blazing.

Top to bottom: an F-22, P-51, and F-15E flying in formation.

An F-22 pulling a hard turn.

Sean Tucker cutting a ribbon while inverted.

Four Thunderbirds billowing smoke on the runway.

The Thunderbirds taking off in a diamond formation.

A Thunderbird taking off with afterburner engaged.

The Thunderbirds flying overhead in a tight diamond.

The Thunderbirds pulling a turn in formation.

Two Thunderbirds flying tail-to-tail.

Five Thunderbirds flying in formation.

The Thunderbirds starting a formation loop.

Several Thunderbirds getting very close a the bottom of a loop.

Two Thunderbirds flying belly-to-belly.

Thunderbird #4 peeling away from the formation.

Thunderbird #3 landing after the show.

A T-6 revving up to taxi.

An owl ready for launch out of a rocket pod.