A couple from the Justice League ready to do battle with the forces of evil.

Aquaman and the Black Manta taking a break from doing battle.

The Scarecrow ending a bad day.

A young Stormtrooper and his mom registering for Dragon Con.

An Oriental superhero.

A Renfaire band striking up some tunes.

A lady in a flying steampunk costume.

Andreas getting attacked by a Dalek.

Who would want a weak corset?

A young lady dressed up as a princess.

A large wooden rabbit for taking the French castle.

Left to right: not sure, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman.

A cool pair of FX lenses.

Looking up inside the Marriott Marquis.

A pair of medieval ladies.

Indiana Jones ready to rumble.

Pyramidhead and friend walking between hotels.

Left to right: an X-Wing pilot and Andreas

A group of soldiers on patrol.

Plants and railings inside the Marriott Marquis.

A fantastic goat wizard costume.

A red Yip Yip alien.

Left to right: Catwoman and Harley Quinn taking a break.

A clown taking a smoke break.

A Confederate stormtrooper.

Qui-Gon Jinn preparing to take on the Sith.

Mas Amedda, the Vice Chairman of the Galactic Senate.

Leia leading Chewbacca backstage while an X-Wing pilot looks on.

The Lego Cantina Band.

Star Wars slave girl or Jack Sparrow?

Dea in a burlesque outfit.

A steampunk couple ready for action.

An alien bringing down a space marine.

Abstract of a fellow through a water feature.

Neo and Iron Man posing for fans.

Left to right: Darth Vader, Supergirl, and Emperor Palpatine.

Mr. and Mrs. Darth Vader.