It's important to watch your step.

The side of Margaret's.

A candelabra sitting on the dining room table.

The stairs leading down to the front entrance.

Left to right: George and Jennifer performing a duet.

The top of a stained glass window in the autitorium.

Jennifer among the stacks of books.

Looking down at the library entrance from the stacks.

Four statues in niches outside the church.

A grave marker with a dragonfly.

Jennifer in the entrance to the Delano family tomb.

The turbo exhaust port for a large diesel engine.

A seagull in flight near the water.

A seagull flying overhead.

Andreas making a self portrait.

A carved ivory sailing ship.

A solid ivory ship.

Jennifer standing near a lighthouse.

A welder working on a fishing boat.

A large cleat holding a boat in place.

Jennifer leaning back near a boat.

The harbormaster coming into port.

A chain hanging down the side of a boat.

A rusted pulley hanging aboard a fishing boat.

Detail of a boat that's leading a rough life.

A pair of boats morred in the harbor.

Our bedroom at the B&B.

The bedroom across the hall from ours.

The dining room on the first flooor.

Jennifer sitting in the living room.