Left to right: Kyle, Cody, Aaron, Klar, and Jacey standing by the Blue Hole.

Cody hiking up the trail to Ellison's Cave.

Left to right: Cody, Aaron, Kyle, and Klar getting ready at the top of the Warm-Up Pit.

Looking down the 125' Warm-Up Pit.

Kyle tying a double figure eight in one of the ropes.

Kyle rappelling into the Warm-Up Pit to test his rigging.

Jacey crossing a knot at the lip of the Nusiance Drop.

Jacey adjusting her climbing gear at the top of the Nusiance Drop.

A sleeping bat covered in dew.

Aaron contemplating the 500' drop down Smokey 1.

Aaron rappelling down Smokey 1.

Klar starting the 500' rappell down Smokey 1.

An owl visiting The North Pole.

The famous epsomite formation called The North Pole.

A sheet of gypsum peeling off the wall.

Close-up of a gypsum formation.

Aaron taking a nap after climbing out of Smokey 1.

Cody about to get off rope at the top of Smokey 1.