A lion snoozing in the sun.

A snow leopard stretched out on a rock.

Backlit maple leaves glowing in the sun.

Josh pulling his cart through the zoo.

A beaver at the top of a totem pole.

A seal swimming laps in its tank.

Four bottlenose doplhins playing in their tank.

A polar bear cub stretching out its neck.

A small tortoise poking its head above the water.

A screech owl perched in its cage.

Two baboons grooming each other.

A peacock taking a stroll outside the feathers and scales exhibit area.

A burow owl looking around during feeding time.

Left to right: Josh and Jennifer watching the burrow owls eat.

One of the scaly creatures in the feathers and scales exhibit area.

Another day at the office.

A giraffe having a sad day at the zoo.

A portrait of Jennifer at the zoo.

Left to right: Jennifer, Jennifer, and Josh in the back seat of the car.

Left to right: Kevin and Josh staying ahead of the pack.

Jennifer taking a break on a park bench.

An owl perching in a tree knot.

Close up of a seed pod.

A trail through brightly colored fall foliage.

A view straight up at the tree canopy.

Looking past Jennifer down the trail.

Xanadu, a sculpture of woven branches.

Two owls handing out in Xanadu.

Jennifer poking her head through one of the windows in the structure.

The permeable parking surface in the arboretum.