A scarecrow reaching out for a hug.

An escaped carnivorous plant looking for its next meal.

The Nepenthes Chandelier from the Chihuly in the Garden exhibit.

A crow swooping down to capture visitors.

A rather intense creation.

Close-up of an orchid.

Crepuscular rays streaming into the high-altitude house.

A skeleton riding bareback through the orchid house on a pumpkin-headed creature.

Close-up of an unusual hanging orchid.

A ladybug going for a walk.

Jennifer serving drinks at the crow bar.

The Atlanta Knitting Guild's scarecrow.

A mercrow relaxing by the zen garden.

One of the waitresses at the garden terrace restaurant.

A green man emerging from the woods.

Minerva the scarecrow.

A chorus of singing gnomes in the children's garden.

Jennifer metamorphasizing into a butterfly.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden's new greeter.