Owls can't resist playing Hoot Loot.

The reception area of Caesars Palace.

An animatronic family arguing over succession for the king's throne.

Las Vegas has something for everyone.

Andreas (center) with several of the employees at Caesars.

The Snackus Maximus by the pool.

A section of trail built along the side of the cliff.

The Great White Throne seen between two other formations.

A warning sign near the top of the hike.

The final leg of the Angels Landing Trail, which runs up the arête.

At least the National Park Service hasn't capitulated to personal injury lawyers and safety weenies.

Safety chains along an exposed section of the trail.

The Organ from the top of Angels Landing.

Looking south along Zion Canyon from Angels Landing.

Andreas setting up his camera.

A trio of hikers with the Great White Throne in the background.

A rock formation by the Big Bend shuttle stop.

Hikers coming up Walter’s Wiggles.

Zion Canyon in near infra red.

Looking up at the waterfool that forms the lower emerald pool.

Looking north along Zion Canyon from above Zion Lodge.

An arch left by a collapsed section of wall.

The Wall Street section of the canyon.

A pocket carved in the canyon wall.

Sandstone in the canyon wall sculpted by the river.

Water rushing away from a constriction in the canyon.

Looking downstream toward some turns.

Sunlight illuminating the walls of the canyon.

The silhouette of a coyote on the face of a cliff.

The Great White Throne behind part of The Organ.