Left to right: Leigh and Mark starting the hike to the cave.

Cavers walking along the train tracks.

Andrew rappelling into the cave.

Left to right: Stephen and Andrew rappelling into the cave.

Leigh leaning back to start her rappell.

Mike starting his rappell.

Leigh and Denesh moving through the cave.

Signatures in the cave from the mid 1800s.

Klar crawling out of the Accountant's Squeeze.

Cody crawling through a particularly low spot in the cave.

Left to right: Leigh and Cody sitting up after a long crawl.

Leigh pushing her bag through a low crawl.

Left to right: Sneakers, Cody, and Leigh crossing the lake.

Helictites growing from the ceiling.

Stephen coming out of a crawl.

Soda straws growing from the ceiling of the cave.

Cody making his way up a slippery slope.

Andreas stepping across the lake.

Aaron a moment after loosing his footing.

A dew-covered bat near the cave entrance.

Cavers getting ready to climb out of the cave.

Sneakers coming up over the lip of the entrance pit.

David climbing the final few meters out of the entrance pit.