A walkway alongside the church leading to the cemetery.

A cove on the east coast of Barbados.

The interior of St. John's Parish Church.

The front of St. John's Parish Church.

Jennifer washing her feet after wandering around on the beach.

A sculped rock along the shoreline.

A lion carved out of coral rock.

Seawater blowing up through The Spout.

Waves crashing onto the shore near The Spout.

A pair of birds roosting above a balcony.

A rainbow touching down near Speightstown.

Looking out towards the west coast.

Looking out over Chalky Mount and the east coast.

The last working windmill on Barbados.

Close-up of a white orchid.

A Cat's Whiskers plant.

A cluster of small red flowers.

Looking up at the roots of a Bearded Fig Tree.

Yellow flowers on a small tree.

A view out over a small cove.

The storefront for Earthworks Pottery.

One of the warm-up cannons used on the HARP project.

Jennifer standing by the main HARP cannon.

The 424 mm, 38 m long main cannon from the HARP project.

Andreas photographing HARP cannons.

A 5-inch cannon from the HARP project.

Jennifer posing by the main HARP cannon.

Jennifer holding up the HARP danger flag.

A barnacle colony.

A school of blue fish.

Sea Fan coral.

A silver fish swimming toward the camera.

Two different types of sea fans growing next to each other.

Brain Coral in shallow water.

A sea urchin on the ocean floor.

An underwater self portrait.

Andreas composing a photo.

Brightly colored algae around The Spout.

Jennifer holding onto her hat during a stiff breeze.

Jennifer sitting at the edge of an opening down to the ocean.

A shallow pool of brightly-colored seawater.

A troop of monkeys crossing the road.

A back road in northeastern Barbados.

The interior of the Cheapside Public Market.