One of the falcons from the Callaway Raptor Center.

Face-to-face with a butterfly.

A Paper Kite butterfly eating lunch.

Close-up of a butterfly.

A Pieridae butterfly resting on a leaf.

An Owl butterfly resting on one of the signs.

Looking up at a Great Mormon butterfly.

A Dark Blue Tiger butterfly.

A Great Mormon butterfly hanging out on a leaf.

Profile of an Owl butterfly

A Paper Kite butterfly feeding on some flowers.

A maple tree leaning out over of the water.

A maple tree across from the Pioneer Log Cabin.

Jennifer siting on a tiny park bench.

A topiary griffen at the Sibley Horticultural Center.

Looking through a waterfall inside the conservatory.

Time exposure of a waterfall inside the conservatory.

Close-up of some maple leaves.

The Callaway Memorial Chapel nestled in the forest.

Looking across the lake from Senic Drive.

A section of the serpentine bridge.

Left to right: Beth and Jennifer standing by the boat launch.

Left to right: Jonathan, Beth, and Jennifer photographing the sunset.

Sunset over Mountain Creek Lake.