David and Mark entering Ellison's cave with ropes for the Warmup Pit and Fantastic Pit.

A walking passage leading from entrance to the Warmup Pit.

Mist swirling in the Warmup Pit.

Mark rigging the 125' deep Warmup Pit.

Mark descending the Warmup Pit with the 600' rope for Fantastic Pit.

Looking down the 586' deep Fantastic Pit.

Mark rigging Fantastic Pit.

The Ecstacy entrance to Ellison's Cave in the daylight.

Left to right: David, Mark, Dean, and Pete putting on their vertical gear.

Pete rappelling down the 125' deep Warmup Pit.

Mark unfastening his safety for the descent into Fantastic Pit.

David descending into Fantastic Pit.

Pete at the bottom of Fantastic Pit after the 586' rappel.

Gypsum crystals on the ceiling of a passage.

A sheet of gypsum hanging off the wall of a passage.

The North Pole, an epsomite formation in Ellison's Cave.

Gypsum needles in Angel's Paradise.

The Gnome's Creamery.

David attaching his frog climbing system to the rope in Incredible Pit in preparation for the 440' climb.

David and Mark tandem climbing up Incredible Pit.