A moon jellyfish.

Close-up of a Ctenophore jellyfish.

A fish hiding in some sea anemones.

A pagoda in the Japanese Tea Garden.

The Golden Gate Bridge.

Jennifer inside one of the observation points of Battery Spencer.

A garter snake along the edge of the vineyard.

The Russian River in near infra red.

A vineyard irrigation pond in near infra red.

Charm, ears down.

Charm, ears up.

Andreas working on some network modeling and simulation tasks outside the Rasmussen house.

Jennifer enjoying her chocolate pudding.

Near-infra-red photo looking down the rows of grapes.

Near infra red photo of jeep trails cutting through a forested area of the vineyard.

Near infra red photo looking across the rows of grapes.

Jennifer perching in a tree.

Jennifer hiking through a field of tall grass.

A common blue damselfly spotted while out for a hike.

Fog rolling in off the Pacific Ocean.

Sunset looking north along the California coast.

Evening fog rolling in off the pacific ocean.

Sunset on the Pacific Coast.

A bee digging around the flowers of a Bottle Brush plant.

Near infra red photo of the Russian River.