Shops and restaurants lining the canal.

The Venice town square by the canal.

The atrium of the Forum Shops at Caesars.

The world's largest chocolate fountain in the Bellagio shops.

A ceiling of Chihuly glass pieces in the lobby of the Bellagio

A panoramic view of Paris.

Andrea and Jennifer outside the Liberace Museum

The back entrance to the Luxor from the monorail.

Jennifer getting attacked by a dragon at the Excalibur.

Looking out over the immense gaming area.

New York, New York and its rollercoaster.

The MGM lion at dusk.

Looking up at the half-scale Eiffel Tower.

Andrea, Lee, and Jennifer by the entrance to the Atomic Testing Museum.

Andreas by a historic neon sign on Freemont St.

Left to right: Jennifer and Andreas providing wedding advice

The hydroelectric generators in the base of the Hoover Dam.

One of Oskar J. W. Hansen's Winged Figures of the Republic at the Hoover Dam

Intake towers for the Hoover Dam's electrical turbines.

Electrical transmission towers silhouetted at twilight.

Andreas setting up a camera to photograph a sunset along I-40 in Arizona

The Colorado River from the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Jennifer at Hermit's Rest on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Andreas setting up a 4x5 camera to photograph the sunset at the Grand Canyon from Mohave Point

Sunset from Mohave Point on the south rim of the Grand Canyon

Bryce Canyon a few minutes after sunset.

Hiking up the switchbacks on the Navajo Loop

Looking up at a pair of hoodoos from the Navajo Loop.

Sunset over Bryce Canyon.

Left to right: Andreas, Jennifer, Andrea, and Lee at Grand Canyon National Park.

The ceiling of the Indian Watchtower.

Two owls perching by the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Mary Jane Coulter's Indian Watchtower.

Echo Cliffs seen from Highway 89 in Arizona.

Echo Cliffs seen from Highway 89 in Arizona.

Bryce Canyon from Sunset Point.

Bryce Canyon through a natural window at Sunset Point.

Left to right: Jennifer, Lee, and Andrea at Sunset Point.

Looking out from the Canyon Overlook Trail.

Zion Canyon from the end of the Canyon Overlook Trail.

Andreas at the end of the Canyon Overlook Trail at Zion Canyon

An overhanging rock along the Canyon Overlook Trail.

A tree at the base of Zion Canyon

Looking up at Checkerboard Mesa.

An overhanging rock formation at Valley of Fire State Park.

A rock formation at Valley of Fire State Park.

Twilight on the flight back to Atlanta.