The garden arbor next to the Rasmussen House

Sunset looking toward Indian Rock.

Jennifer hiking across the Russian River.

A downed oak tree seen during a hike.

Andreas taking a nap in an oak tree during a hike

A dead tree passed while hiking.

An abandoned barn.

Close-up of a common blue damselfly.

An oak tree in the distance.

Indian Rock by the Russian River.

A panorama taken during a hike.

A wildflower spotted while out on a hike.

Close-up of a spider.

Close-up of a wildflower.

A fence receding over the horizion

A clump of trees on top of a rocky hill.

Andreas and Jennifer taking a break during a hike

Andreas crossing the Russian River on the way back from a hike

Morning fog lifting over the Russian River.

One of the many residents at Warnecke Vineyards

Left to right: Arol, Jane, and Jennifer enjoying a breakfast with chocolate and wine

A jetty over the Russian River seen from the barn's porch.

The moon rising behind a tree

Sunrise over Warnecke Vineyards.

A bend in the Russian River seen from a high point at Warnecke Vineyards

Looking across one of the ponds at Warnecke Vineyards.

Two owls relaxing in the sun.