Approaching the visitor's center.

A view of Arcosanti from the other side of a ravine.

A dirt road leading by the visitor's center.

Looking up at the visitor's center.

Several bells hanging in the visitor's center.

An architectural model of Arcosanti in one of the studios.

Bells handing in one of the Arcosanti workshops.

Several bells hanging in one of the casting workshops.

Concrete steps leading up the side of one of the buildings.

Jennifer checking out some some patterns on the ground.

A fence running across the property.

One of the casting workshops

One of the bell workshops.

A circular window in one of the support walls.

A view of several buildings.

View across the rooftops of some of the residential buildings.

Looking up at some brightly painted concrete arches.

Jennifer exploring Arcosanti.

Looking up between two arched concrete roofs.