Jennifer with our baggage for the trip.

A cluster of wildflowers.

Insects hanging out on a wildflower.

A snail climbing around the tip of a plant.

The main room of our Berchtesgaden apartment.

The altar and stained glass at the front of the church.

A boat house with a walkway built for lower water levels.

Andreas on the walkway to a boathouse.

St. Bartholomew seen from the departing tour boat.

Anything can taste good with enough butter and garlic.

A wildflower wet with rain.

Trees along the cascading stream.

This morel would have become a tasty part of dinner if it hadn't been growing in a national park.

A family of geese.

The painting on the ceiling of the whitewashed church.

Dinner on our apartment's patio.

Some of the bicycles have been locked up unused for a long time.

A couple of pistols.

Jennifer trying on some armor.

Swords stashed up in the rafters.

Rows of wheel-lock muskets.

Plate armor styled like a cat.

Rows of armor.

The A1 Tower with its unique arrangement of mirrors reflecting the nearby rooftops.

The Kunsthaus Graz seen from the Grazer Schloßberg.

The Chinese pavilion with the Graz city hall and K&Ö rooftop cafe in the background.

Graz's best bet for gluten-free food.

A modern altar setting.

Stained glass at the back of the church.

A mosaic of hops above a brewery.

An opulent altar of marble and gold.

Andreas on the double spiral staircase.

Delicious liquid refreshment.

The elevator system ascending the center of the mountain.

Jennifer climbing one of the 166 ladder segments.

Looking down from one of the bridges.

The trail ascending by a waterfall.

A group of tiny mushrooms.

Andreas and Jennifer taking a break during the hike.

A cafe with an idyllic backdrop.

Wildflowers by the side of the trail.

One of many ibexes that we saw while out hiking.

Leftover Sachertorte for breakfast.

You can always count on Jan Brueghel for some cheery scenes of country life.

Chandeliers hanging in the planetary room.

Oriental china set into the plaster walls.

A ceiling painting outside the chapel.

The card room for playing faro.

Looking across the front of the castle.

Some of the jewelry on display in the archaeological museum.

Guests in the rooftop cafe.

The fortress chapel.

A picture showing the thickness of the castle walls.

Another guest photographing down into the dungeon via the only entrance.

The clock mechanism from the early 1700s.

Looking toward the mountains from the top of the clock tower.

A bald eagle coming in for a landing.

A falconer working with a bald eagle.

A falconer holding an eagle.

A passage leading up through the castle wall.

Our rooftop apartment on the outskirts of Munich.

Jennifer on the glass spiral staircase.

A train departing the station.

Street art in a pedestrian underpass.

A surfer riding the wave.

Looking up at the dome and magnificent plasterwork.

Rows of votive candles.

Votive candles at the rear of the church.

A section of a stained glass window.

Andreas checking out the unique lighting.