The Frances Winship Walters Chapel, which was added in 1947.

Don't throw perls before swine.

The sanctuary, which was built in 1902–3.

One of the many stained glass windows in the sanctuary.

The stained glass window above the altar.

Looking back to the entrance.

The trompette en chamade (horizontal trumpet) mounted in front of a stained glass window.

Silverbell blossoms.

An insect of some kind paying a bloodroot a visit.

A cluster of bloodroot flowers.

Side view of a bloodroot flower.

A pollen-covered red trillium.

A white violet.

A Cypriot figurine from 1400–1300 BCE.

A classical Greek owl bowl.

Medusa casting her gaze on visitors.

Eyes looking out from an Egyptian sarcophagus.

Lots of eyes in this place.

A ceramic owl jug.

A pair of ceremonial owl mace heads.

A ceremonial bowl with attached owls.

Modern dance practice.