Lee loading up the dogs.

A pair of jellyfish that washed up on shore.

A Portuguese Man o' War stranded on shore.

A Portuguese Man o' War floating on the ocean.

A beach house with a blue roof.

A Victorian beach house.

A beached jellyfish the size of a silver dollar.

Jellyfish littering the beach.

A light-blue beach house.

A crowd of seagulls.

Thanksgiving dinner ready to eat.

The front gate of the fort.

Vegetation growing out of a drain.

Jennifer leaning out one of the cannon ports.

Two owls perching in a cannon port.

Left to right: Jennifer and Andrea walking by some barbettes.

Jennifer starting down a steep set of stairs.

The former location of a 12" disappearing-mount cannon.

A pair of cannons along with bunks and a stove.

Jennifer lying on a cannon mount.

The making of the previous photo.

An oil rig in Mobile Bay.

All packed up for the drive home.