A 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.

A Victorian gentleman with his penny farthing.

A Victorian couple milling around the crowd.

Scarlett and friend awaiting the results of the costume contest.

Two women in Civil War era clothing.

A gentlemen in his steampunk outfit.

Looking into one of the mausoleums.

Stained glass in the Richards mausoleums.

A couple enjoying a buggy ride.

Not quite sure what's up with Emily.

A pair of Scarletts.

Checking out the inscription on a tombstone.

He was nobody's stooge.

A lady texting from the cemetery.

A lady sitting by an obelisk.

Andrea and Jennifer checking out details of the Kontz monument.

A festive mausoleum.

An owl in front of one of the mausoleums.

An iron drain grating.

A stone sculpture.