The driveway and front entrance.

Not much privacy in this bathroom.

Jennifer checking out the leveling of the sink bowl.

Jennifer descending the steps.

A model of the house.

The front door to the house.

The view from behind the waterfall.

A rather large, shallow sink.

Jennifer standing on one of the patios.

Jennifer on the front steps.

Looking down on the living area from the second floor.

The kitchen and dining areas.

Looking out toward the back patio and pool from the kitchen.

A house with a basement screened-in patio.

The bedroom that makes up the entire second floor.

A couple of people chatting with the designer (center).

A collection of lights hanging from the ceiling.

Jennifer surveying the back yard.

A docent showing off the house.

Fun with an ultra-wide lens.

You don't find driveways like this up north.

Jennifer heading up the steps by the garage.

Wasting water for a photo opportunity.

A very cool light fixture.

The living room and surrounding areas.

Lots of windows in the guest room for a cross breeze.

The island kitchen and bar stools.

The living room and deck overlooking the street.

A day bed and stacks of books in the master bedroom.

Downtown Atlanta from the rooftop patio.

A couple chatting with the designer and owner.

A really big plastic lawn ornament.

Garage door or back door—you decide.

A very modern kitchen and house model

Peering through a water feature.