Nate with all of our caving gear at the Mexican border.

Left to right: Nate, Jennifer, Kevin, and Magdalena piling all of our gear into/onto Kevin's Ford Explorer.

Left to right: Kevin, Nate, Jennifer, and Magdalena hiking up the Thousand Steps to Cepillo.

Jennifer rappelling into Sótano de Cepillo.

Magdalena near the bottom of the 126-meter entrance to Sótano de Cepillo.

Jennifer across the bottom of Cepillo.

Left to right: Andreas, Kevin, and Magdalena rigging the rope for Golondrinas.

Looking up 333 meters to the 62-meter-wide entrance to Golondrinas.

Looking across the vast interior of Golondrinas.

Left to right: Andreas and Jennifer at the bottom of Golondrinas.

Left to right: Andreas and Magdalena snacking on M&Ms by the entrance to Golondrinas.

A taxi driving by the cave.

Left to right: Kevin and Nate setting up camp at near Golondrinas.

Magdalena after a good night's sleep.

Jennifer stuffing Big Jimmy (the rope) back into one of the two bags.

The church in Xilitla, which was built 1550–1557.

Left to right: Nate, Magdalena, Jennifer, and Kevin going to La Flor del Cafe for a mole dinner.

A pillar between slabs of rock in the hillside.

A dog at the top of the steps above the entrance to Los Pozas.

Left to right: Nate, Magdalena, and Jennifer enjoying the view from the top of the entrance to Los Pozas.

Jennifer carefully decending some steep steps.

Andreas lighting his pipe.

Left to right: Nate, Magdalena, Kevin, Jennifer, and Andreas posing by a fountain.

Magdalena standing in an archway.

Nate walking by some concrete arches.

Left to right: Kevin and Jennifer by a concrete structure

Nate at the end of a ramp to nowhere.

Jennifer standing in an archway.

A pair of colorful wrought-iron doors.

A wall of concrete fleurs-de-lis.

Jennifer hiding behind a grate by the river.

Nate about to dive into one of the pools.

Andreas hiding behind a waterfall.

Concrete hands along one of the walkways.

Jennifer posing with some inlaid mosaic snakes.

Looking down to a pair of concrete flowers.

Jennifer swimming in one of the pools.

The entrance to the Castillo in downtown Xilitla.

Left to right: Nate, Magdalena, Kevin, and Jennifer on the roof of the Castillo.

Jennifer swinging on the porch.

Andreas posing in one of the concrete forms.

Nate checking out one of the bedrooms.

Folks rigging the high-side entrance to Hoya de Guaguas.

Someone rappelling the 200 meters into Hoya de Guaguas.

Nate exploring Cueva del Abrain in his pith helmet.

Left to right: Kevin, Jennifer, and Nate playing in the Nacimiento del Río Mante.

Magdalena's foot after removing a sliver of glass.