Posted on: 2012-07-22 22:29:00 -0400

The titanium Arbiter had its first outing on the muzzle of my AW today and did a wonderful job all around. Starting with mounting, the thread-over muzzle brake (TOMB) system secures the suppressor very solidly. The brake has a set of 15/16"x24 threads behind the ports and flares outward slightly for another ~5/16" behind them. The opening on the rear of the suppressor tapers down for ~5/16" before hitting the threads. This taper provides for easy mounting and a very large bearing surface to support the suppressor. There’s no play once it's threaded into place, and it did not loosen during sustained firing. Removing the suppressor was not a problem.

I removed and re-attached the suppressor several times, and the system held its zero nicely. The rifle groups just as well with the suppressor as without it. I did not notice any discrepancy for the first shot after attaching the suppressor, something that I can’t say about my SPR/M4. Zero shift appears to be about 0.2 mils each left and down.

The suppressor feels like it spreads the recoil impulse out over a greater length of time. It turns the kick into a shove. The suppressor adds about a pound to the rifle but does not noticeably impact its balance or weight.

A metal roof covers the 100-yard shooting positions as my range. Shooting the rifle without hearing protection is a touch loud under these circumstances. But one of the 300-yard positions is out in the open, and there it’s perfectly comfortable to shoot without hearing potation.

This suppressor takes my AW to the next level, making it even more of a pleasure to shoot.