Posted on: 2011-11-06 20:10:00 -0500

My fliers are almost certainly coming from minute changes in body position while shooting groups. I’m noticing that my first shot or two typically lands right in the middle of the target. Getting excited about the group then results in some shifting around and subtle position change that throws the next shot out away from the first ones. The fifth of five then generally lands exactly where it should. What a mental game, with me loosing big at this point.

I’ve been working on getting the rifle to recoil straight back so that the target stays visible in the scope through the entire firing cycle. This has resulted in me changing my position to line up my spine parallel to the bore instead of angled off to the side. Even so, I’m still seeing the muzzle kick to the left varying amounts, but it’s generally still visible through the scope after firing the shot.

During recent dry-fire practice, I’ve been working on getting behind the rifle with my eyes closed, bringing the rifle into position, checking my natural point of aim with several relaxed breaths, and opening my eyes to see if I’m centered in the eye box behind the scope. I’ve ended up raising the buttplate in my shoulder pocket as well as the adjustable cheekpiece. We’ll see how all this works out during next weekend’s long-range shoot.