Posted on: 2011-08-12 21:08:00 -0400

Reading a few stories about Beretta providing exceptionally poor customer service to Sako customers got me thinking about the importance of post-sales. Having a rifle rendered inoperable for months due to parts unavailability (one TRG-22 owner’s story) simply isn’t acceptable. Such problems aren’t a concern with widely proliferated firearms like AR-15s. If an AR-15 bolt breaks, the user likely has a spare handy or could get a new one on its way to them the next day from any one of dozens of vendors.

The Sako TRG and AI AW and AE do not have the same proliferation and dealer base. Some searching and email exchanges indicated that multi-month waits seemed like the norm with Sako, even for consumables like barrels. One friend recalled that Sako used to offer excellent support but that things must have changed when they became a cog in the Beretta machine. A call to Mile High Shooting put any such fears to rest regarding AI. They assured me that they stock a wide range of consumables and could get parts like a spare bolt or bolt in the mail to me the next day, either from their stock or AI’s North American headquarters in Virginia. AI even has empoyees posting to Sniper’s Hide.