Posted on: 2011-05-01 12:19:00 -0400

I was shooting the IDPA classifier for practice on Saturday with my M&P, and everything went well on the first two stages. But when I looked downrange after shooting the first string of the third stage, which is shot at 20 yards, I was appalled to see that my hits pulled to the left. Several were in the -1 zone and one even landed in the -3 zone. I had been working through trigger-controls issues and figured that I had reverted to bad habits.

I pasted the holes and re-shot the string to find similar results, and a third try still didn’t improve the situation. I had slowed down my shooting considerably (~20 s as the raw time) and was focused on getting precise alignment and smoothly pulling the trigger straight back. Finally, I examined my sights and saw that the rear one had drifted a couple of millimeters to the left and that the screw that secures it in place had worked loose. I re-centered the sight, torqued down the screw, and shot a nearly centered group. A few final tweaks had me reliably hitting a 4&rquot; plate at 25 yards. I then put some blue Loctite on the screw, dribbled some in the sight cut, and torqued down the screw. The next run of the third stage of the Classifier turned out much better.