Posted on: 2011-03-29 21:33:00 -0400

Based on today’s range trip, I’m thinking that the Aimpoint T-1 may not make a great match with fixed irons due to the small tube. It’s now matched up with Magpul BUIS on my SBR and the Centurion C4 sights sights are on my 16" carbine with an Aimpoint ML3 in a LaRue LT-150 mount. One thing I noticed while swapping components is that the LT-660 puts the centerline of the T-1 at the same height that the LT-150 mount puts the centerline of the ML3. The T-1 has a smaller-diameter tube, so it blocks out more of the sights.

The lesson I’m learning here is that the T-1 might be its own thing as opposed to a trimmer version of Aimpoint’s full-size sights.