Posted on: 2011-03-27 12:31:00 -0400

There’s much to like about the Aimpoint T-1. It’s very light with a thin ring of steel around the aperture for an uninterupted field of view. It also offers incredible battery life and the brightest setting is a couple notches up from my Aimpoint ML3 with the 2 MOA dot.

The downside is that the small aperture makes it very sensitive to mounting height to get a co-witness with iron sights. For example, the Centurion C4 sights are too low to see when the T1 is mounted on a LaRue LT660. Those sights are perfectly visible with an ML3 on a LaRue LT150. The first-generation Magpul BUIS are usable with the small aperture, but the bottom of the T-1 fills up much of the view when using the large aperture. This makes centering the post in the aperture tricky. The larger aperture of the ML3 makes it much more forgiving of variations in sight and mount height.

The search continues for a good T-1 mount and iron sight combination. In the mean time, I’m using it with the Magpul BUIS. The issue here is likely that the aperture of the T-1 is too small to provide good co-witnessing with fixed sights.